Soft Edge


Project Description

As a flexible spatial armature Soft Edge explores summative and quantitative variation, effectively produced through bundling a proliferation of straws. Appearing as points in section, lines in extrusion, they form a volumetric structure. Segments acquire different material and qualitative properties according to quantitative change: shorter segments are more rigid, longer segments more flaccid. As overlapping zones of arrayed elements exhibit different characteristics, the notion of boundary becomes indistinct, yet remains material.

Design Team: DOTS.

Fabrication Assistants
Geof Bell, Hendy Bloch, Cody Chitwood, Laurel Christensen, Jake Ellwood, Bart Gillespie, Kasey Hall, Bethany Long, Autumn Midyett, Brian Moore, Jordan Nalley, Jamie Redman, Kevin Setser, Ricky Sparks, Kellin Vellenoweth, and Carrie Wahl.

Frank Doering

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