Fabricating Play 2014

University of Kentucky
College of Design
School of Architecture

Course Description

The graduate design elective, Fabricating Play, explores issues of iterative modes of construction and user interaction through research, discussion, and fabrication over the course of 14 weeks. The class was charged with developing full-scale interactive objects to be deployed in the 2014 Beaux Arts Ball. Specific to the theme of the course is to consider the potential of a series of related objects that develop a unified spatial character to be deployed in variety of contexts.

Through an evolutionary process of selection and synthesis of the students’ proposals, two final designs emerged. The resulting constructs, Hg-162 and White Warp took the form of full-scale installations generated out of systematic assemblies of off-the-shelf and digitally manufactured components.

Hg-162 (a.k.a. The Silver Crocodile) is a thickened inhabitable landscape comprised of tessellated silvery pillows hovering 18” off the ground and measuring twelve feet square. Inhabitants can crawl on and relax in its soft hills and valleys and its units can be easily slid into a variety of configurations. The title derives from the number of its pillowed tiles and their resemblance to the chemical element Mercury (its symbol, “Hg”) when aggregated.

White Warp is produced by a linear array of thin polystyrene tubes guided by profiles that change shape from a seating element to a small enclosure over its length. The lines of this articulated skin produce ornamental effects as well as invite users to climb in, on, and through its twisted form. Presented as a continuous armature, it may also be arranged as series of seating elements inviting unique forms of encounter.

This project is made possible by the Beaux Arts Ball Foundation.

Nicole Challita
Nicole Groneck
Addison Hughes
Hans Koesters
Sarah Mohr
Sadie Pena
Christoph Shoenlein
Anne Schwab
Hannah Sellers
Joshua Wilkinson

With special thanks to Hannah Sellers and Nicole Challita for assistance in organizing the final representation.

Hg-162 photographed by GLINTstudios

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